Mentality vs. Behavior

Mentality vs. Behavior

Do you find yourself questioning your own thoughts or actions? Both have been something I’ve been dwelling on for the past few months. The substantial amount of brain activity that I am using is becoming too much, leaving me lethargic and longing to waste the day away being trapped in my feelings with no beneficial actions in return.

I know I’m not alone, despite how lonely I can feel at times. I’m sure many of you know that feeling. You can be the most radiating person in the room, but once that moment is over, your glow begins to fade. Your mentality is shot to shit, and you feel so insignificant. Welcome to your mentality, or “mindset”.

Your mentality is your personal view, feelings, ideas, or even biases about a situation, person, or thing. You’re probably much more aware of your mindset now, huh? You’re thinking about how you’re feeling in this moment, or maybe you’re trying to distract yourself from another situation that you’re feeling mentally overwhelmed by. Regardless of why you’re here reading this right now, you are aware of your mentality.

The question is- how is your mentality effecting your behavior? Are you going to let your vulnerability act for you, or are you going to behave accordingly to your desired mindset?

For example, say you were at the mall and decided to try on a pair of jeans that you desperately wanted. You’re in the fitting room, wiggling into the hopefully perfect jeans. Zip, button, turn….They look awful on you. They make your butt look nonexistent and your love handles are peaking out to say hello. You think you look ridiculous, so you feel discouraged, and you begin to cry. While it is a relatable and upsetting example, your mentality is everything that you THOUGHT, and your behavior is everything that you DID (get upset, cry).

All are connected. Your thoughts and feelings influence your behaviors, and your actions/behaviors influence your thoughts. It is inevitable that we create our own misery most of the time, but the amazing fact is that we have the ability to change our mindset. Now, this change isn’t going to happen over night. Think of as training your mind to see situations in a brighter light.

Your present situation is not permanent. Visualize how you want your future to look. Maybe you imagine being more fit, wealthy, independent, or healthy. Whatever it may be, it is possible for you to obtain. It is so easy to get sucked into comfortability, and I find myself being stuck in a rut every now and then because of this. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve had to pick myself up off the ground and tell myself to get my shit together. The key is to having the willpower and determination to do the heavy lifting.

Your mindset can improve simply by starting small, such as surrounding yourself with positive friends, challenging your thoughts, creating a healthy routine, or even sending thank you notes. Not only are you creating a healthier mindset, but you are also influencing positive behavior. There are so many ways to feel complete and untroubled, you just have to find what works or you.

Happy Wednesday 🙂

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