Bikini Prep Diary #2

Bikini Prep Diary #2

I started my day at 5am, I had about five hours of sleep last night. I got a sudden migraine in the middle of the night, which used to happen religiously, but hasn’t occurred in years. I feel moody, annoyed, frustrated, and just not very good. I’m really struggling with today so far. But, you know what?

I’m okay. It’s times like this where I need to remember how blessed I am to see another day, and to have the opportunities that I obtain. My mentality is strong right now, but being tired is definitely a top three worst feeling in my book. It takes so much away from my work ethic, my relationship, and just my ability to carry on with tasks. It’s extremely frustrating, so I’m trying to be more aware of my actions when I’m feeling exhausted and working on not letting that moment of deprivation control my day. I planned on going to the gym a little later in the morning, but life happens and I forgot that I had a meeting this morning before my shift. So, here I am, sitting in the parking lot of the gym trying to calm my anxiety once again. When I feel my anxiety start to come on I mentally prepare myself for a breakdown. (Sad, I know) However, I think this is healthy because that means I know my body and mind well enough now that I can prevent those breakdowns. Some of the things I do to kind of push away my anxiety attacks are mindful exercises that I learned in therapy a few years ago:

1.) Find a quiet place where I can be alone.

2.) Address the feelings I am having and try to talk myself through why I am feeling that way.

3.) Decide what I can do to prevent a breakdown/lash out.

4.) Take deep, focused, breaths.

5.) Say kind things to myself and others.

6.) Do something that relieves my stresses. (Gym, calling parents, treating myself, writing)

This is what works for me, and I hope it helps some of you as well. I am so glad I can have some alone time at the gym this morning, it really does bring me peace. Today is about to be a crazy day, but I know that life is just like that sometimes, and I have to accept it. I have to go with the flow of things and stay consistent with my actions. I’m sorry this post was basically just me complaining and ranting, but sometimes that’s just what a little human needs. I feel a lot better now. I hope you all have a wonderful week.

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